Mumbai 2010


Going back to India feels very much like going home, as I am blessed to have so many friends in New Life Fellowship. Each friend in India is a part of my extended family and it will be great to see everyone again. Once again I'm excited that we have "first time" team  members joining us.

India is like no other country in the world. Mumbai is a city with such contrasts that
after 10 visits there I still find myself saying “check that out!”

 Why don’t you pray and see if this year is the year to join us?

 I have much anticipation of what the Lord is going to do on this year’s trip! My prayer is that each one of us on Team Mumbai 2010 will encounter Jesus Christ in such a way that our lives will never be the same again!  That the encounter will cause us to live the rest of our lives passionately for Him! Also, that every person we touch in India will experience the same life changing experience. I have faith for many people to be saved, healed and delivered during this trip! Please add your faith to mine and let’s see what the Lord will do!

Pastor Gloria – Team Leader

Patricia Carson Patricia Carson

India - a country like no other.  Mumbai - a city of contrasts. From the very poor to the very wealthy, a nation of people that rise above circumstances of extreme poverty to be all that God has called them to be.  This year’s trip was amazing as always and the team experienced monsoon rains for the first time. “Showers of Blessing”

God was really moving in people’s lives; changing them for eternity. It is a mission trip like no other where you will be challenged in ways you would not think of and you will be grateful for the change.  It is amazing what God can do with a willing open heart. Like speak in front of crowds with confidence, go into slums that you only see on TV, and sometimes He will break your heart only to put it back together so that you become a better person. 

If you are looking for a change in your life; if you are seeking a challenge; look no further than India. It is the place to be.  The children will win your heart. They are so cute and love to perform for their sponsors. You will see your donations being put to action in the schools and in the children lives (education-meals-clothing-medical care). 

It is amazing to be in slums with the poorest of poor and then to see the peoples’ heart of service wanting to provide you a tea or coffee, to honor you. It will bring a tear to the eye of the toughest person; I know because I can have a tough exterior and yet I cry at how generous and gracious they are.  

India - my second home. A place of peace, a place to meet new friends that quickly become life long ones, a place where God’s heart is displayed so clearly, a place to call home. 

I challenge you to come with the team to India and see what God will do, if you are open. If money is a problem, than start to pray it in because He will make a way for you as he has done for me and others. Let Him surprise you with what only he can do.  I look forward to meeting you at the next India meeting.
Susan Dueck

My journey to India began when I met Chuck and Gloria four years ago. They have a passion to take the love of Jesus into India. Listening to them talk about the transformation they have seen in the lives of the children and their families is contagious and I wanted to be a part of the team going in 2010.

The trip is life changing. Visiting the Balwadi Schools was definitely a highlight. The children are eager to show us what they have learned and their faces just beam as they recite the alphabet.

Visiting the home churches, we had an opportunity to share our testimonies and pray for the people. As we began to share, even in the case where no English was spoken, we were able to connect with one another because the love of Christ brought us together in unity.

It was a wonderful trip in many ways; but by trusting that God would enable me to do what I thought was difficult, I came back changed.

Stretched beyond myself, definitely! But so worth it!
Trish O'Doherty - Just Watch Him                           

What an awesome “journey”!!  It began as I browsed our church website.  While reading testimonies, by Nye, Patricia, Marilyn etc. on their trip to India, I began to weep.  Something was happening and   truthfully, it surprised me. 

God was planting a seed.  I sat and wept for about an hour, reading the testimonies again and looking at the photos. I then decided He was not calling me to Mumbai!  How could He?  I did not do well in the heat, my passion was for seniors not children, there were unresolved health issues, I am self employed with debt and no extra finances, plus I have sleep apnoea.  There! - That sounded like a long enough list of reasons for me! 

Four days later things started to snowball when a friend, shared how she was wondering if I would go to Mumbai!  When I told my daughter (believing she would consider me nuts) she said 'Wow Mom, that's awesome, I will help you get there'.  This was not the response I was hoping for.  It was time to talk to Pastor Gloria.  It was encouraging.  Three words she spoke will stay with me forever. Believing God had called me... she said “Just Watch Him”.

I was completely overwhelmed by what followed.  Every day blessings came.  A very generous gift from a client, anonymous donations, an envelope (full of cash) marked 'India Mission' at my birthday celebration -   unbelievable support from so many people.  My family and friends watched God at work in a very real and special way.  Gifts for the children poured in, vaccinations were booked, passport and visa were ordered – oh yes, this was very real now! 

My test results came back clear, with the doctor adding I had a 'happy heart’ Oh, if she only knew just how happy my heart was!  I was bursting by this time to get to India to see what God had in store for us.

What a special team to journey with.  We truly bonded, thanks to the months of weekly meetings and preparation.  The pastors greeted us in Mumbai and very soon my life changed.

God showed me such beautiful people, most were extremely poor, but not in spirit.  They radiate joy, hospitality and love.  I was really touched by their worship.  There are some churches with a worship band, but in the house churches someone may bring a guitar or bongo type drum.  Pastor Emmanuel's congregation clapped throughout their worship.  I love clapping, and found this very moving.  Their Praise flowed directly from their heart unto the Lord.  Language was no barrier, a universal rhythm – one heart of people beating for and unto Him. 

In our western culture there is always someone writing a new bestseller, a 'how to' book for Christians.  I am not criticizing them, but what the Lord showed me in India required no book.  We are told our walk with the Lord is about 'the heart' – God brought me to India to show me that first hand. 

'Honour' is something else I witnessed in Mumbai – honour for God, for pastors, for family and friends.  It was so beautiful to watch each generation honouring the other. 

I LOVED the children – they were so proud to show us what they learned in school.  When they were served their meal, they waited to bless their food, so grateful for everything.  I can still hear them giggle (in my mind!) as they played with the bubbles or puppets we brought.  The excitement was great when we brought out the 'flip flops' – oh, such gratitude – what a blessing.

The Lord reminded me of a song which I will treasure (Thank you Shannon!)

    “Let the weak say I am strong
     Let the poor say I am rich
     Let the blind say I can see
     It's what the Lord has done in me”

I have never been so touched by anything as the love the pastors and the people have for the Lord, and the boldness and freedom in which they worship Him.  Lord, help me to live for You as Your chosen ones in Mumbai do.

We can donate to causes but to actually see the difference these schools are making is life changing. Please consider supporting this very worthwhile ministry.

I was sad to leave Mumbai and pray God will use me there again in the not too distant future.  With gratitude first to the Lord,  I bless and thank my pastors and team, all the pastors and beautiful people of Mumbai, and all my family and friends who helped make it possible for me to go.
Marilyn Simmons

Through this time in Mumbai, India I have an even deeper awareness that love is not just words but action—seeing the passion, the humility, the purity & depth of worship in the believers there.

In going to the Dhavari slum to see one of our Balwadi schools, there was an indelible picture imprinted on my mind & heart: the contrast between the children. The eyes of those attending the school were sparkling, full of life, joy & hope, laughter but the eyes of those outside were often lacklustre & expressionless. This is the difference that Christ’s love in action makes!

Mumbai is a place where I became deeply aware of what really matters, —eternal values, the value of the human soul, the giving of life & hope to the hopeless, the tenderness of the Lord’s love for the broken & wounded, then seeing Him come and bring healing, restoration & freedom.

Spending time with the pastors and leaders impacted me with the true meaning of agape love & passion—really “laying down their lives” for the Lord, one another & their people at great cost yet with great joy.

I am so very thankful & honoured to be a part of this mission trip.
  Shannon Youell

One of the “big picture” snapshots I have of my time in India is how much the church here in North America has to learn from the church there – How to be “devoted to the apostles teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer….and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”
India 2010 – Chuck

You would think that after several trips to India that soon it would become “Old Hat” and blasé. However, the thing about India and her wonderful people; it is a land of such diversity and contrast. Nowhere will you see that more than in Mumbai.

As you travel to your destination of the next school visit, every one of your senses is assaulted with that fact. Walking into the slum to reach the school, you are swallowed up by the reality of life that the people live in. Didn’t we just drive past modern day high-rises?

But then you are enveloped by the warmth of the teachers and leaders. You can literally sense excitement and hope on the children, just in the fact that for a few hours everyday they have a refuge that is established by love.

Each time there I am truly blessed to witness how a few dollars from a half a world away brings transformation to so many lives, which would otherwise live in desperation.

Just ONE example of that was Komal, in the village of Pangoli.

A young girl who was destined to stay at home all day to look after her younger siblings and grandmother, while her mother would go out and try to earn enough money to feed them all. And then hope arrived in the village with a teacher and the start of a little school!

Back home I have heard it said several times, “You can’t help them all.” How about we/you start with just one at a time!


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