W.O.M.E.N's Ministries


The conception of “Freedom to be Women” happened February 2003 in Mumbai, India. While spending time with the Lord in my hotel room, I heard Him say, “I want you to begin to put focus on equipping and releasing women in My church.”  

In Victoria, an ongoing emphasis on unity is being embraced more and more every year and that really blesses me!

For 2010 I hear the Lord saying …

You Are Women of Destiny!

- Wise
- Overcoming
- Ministers
- Empowering
- Nations

That is how He sees us, His women and He wants us to see ourselves in the same way!

Through the following year I spent several weeks praying about what the Lord wanted me to do regarding this. In March of 2004, I felt it was time to release the vision that the Lord had given. After months of planning, the first conference of Freedom to be W.O.M.E.N. was announced and held that fall.

The theme for that first year was based on yet another acronym: REV:

- Released From Your Past
- Empowered for Today!
- Vision For Your Future

This theme continued at numerous other conferences I held in many different places of the world. From Victoria, Canada to Mumbai, India, it was wonderful and amazing to see hundreds and hundreds of women set free in so many areas of their lives!

It’s exciting when women see that the Lord really meant it when He said “...there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Jesus Christ.” Gal. 3:28. It’s time for all to understand that God pours out His Spirit, gifts and anointings on whomever He chooses and that He is not bound by gender!

The theme of the conferences that began in the fall of 2005 was: FREEDOM. Again, it was impacting to see the Lord touch His church!

In Victoria, an added emphasis on unity was exemplified by having three other awesome, anointed, women ministers from the city involved. Each shared revelations of the Lord’s freedom in their lives and in their ministries!

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