Give vision health and vision hope to all Canadians by supporting Resurrection Life Ministries through our monthly giving plan.

For as little as $10 per month, or just 33 cents a day, you can help people in your community to live independently with vision loss.

Maximize your donation by becoming Monthly Sponsorship! Monthly gifts help us saves on postage, paper and administrative costs - meaning that more of your donation goes directly to our services and programs.
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Questions about monthly giving

Can I change or cancel my monthly gift?
You have complete control over your monthly gift. You can change it or stop your gift at any time with paypal subscription

When will I receive my tax receipt?
You will receive one convenient receipt on an annual basis so that you can include it with your tax return. We'll ensure that your receipt is mailed to you before the end of January of each year.



Donations to Resurrection Life Ministries help us to continue to be a provider of essential services to help children and their families with basic needs such as food, clothing, and a safe environment to learn and participate in uplifting activities.

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Resurrection Life Ministries
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TEL: 1-(250)474-7726

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