Taking The Ground

by chuck on March 3, 2011

Thank you all for continued prayers.

Patricia is pretty well firing on all cylinders. Jessica has recovered from the ant bite and the swelling has gone right down. Now if she could just stop feeding the hungry so that she wouldn’t have all the mosquito bites from head to toe…

Gloria is slowly on the road to recovery. Today she is feeling a bit stronger and went out for about an hour and a half for the very last portion of the Conference that was happeing with New Life, which was in the nearby area here in Bandra.

Some of us visited a Balwadi School today and saw some of the results of continued inpouring to a destitute community. Years ago, the school was meeting under a tree and then was able to put up some bamboo and sacking. It was here that  the “unregistered” trademark photo of the dove inflight, framing Gloria’s face, was taken. That is the one seen on the Resurrection Life Ministries home page.

The school is now a solid concrete structure with kitchen facility which ministers to about 75 students! It was good to see some of the children in the neighbourhood who had “graduated” to First Standard (grade one) in public school. Had it not been for this Balwadi that we support, they would have been destined to an ongoing life of hopelessness.

Tomorrow we visit the last of the schools on this trip. It will be another opportunity to see small faces light up with the performance of puppets, songs, small gifts, and of course, Candy! I keep looking at each of them wondering “What if this is the one who will discover the cure for cancer?” “What if this is the one that will grow up to share the gospel and bring hundreds or thousands of souls into the Kingdom?”

And so the legacy of taking ground continues.

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