The Endeavours of a Blog During Missions

by chuck on March 1, 2011

So we are into Day Six in Mumbai! At least, I think it’s day six. What day is it anyway??

The days, meetings and events go by so quickly when you are with wonderful people of God in another country and watching His heart and hand minister to the ones He loves.

The attack of the enemy on this trip has been intense. Gloria has been battling a lung infection since the day before we left and last night went with Tabitha, Pastor Joy’s wife,  to see a local doctor. She is now on new meds and we continue to pray for healing to overtake her.

Patricia has been in bed all day yesterday with some type of bug that has attacked her stomach and intestinal tract.                       Jessica was sporting the Rocky Balboa look with one eye totally swollen shut after an ant bite during the night. There has stuff swirling around with other team members, but all continue to press in and press on.

Please continue to pray for the protection of God’s hand on all of us and that the plan of the enemy would be totally broken!!!!!

Meetings have been totally awesome. Salvations, healings, deliverance, and releasing of God’s power evident in house churches, Celebration Centres, and the one on one meetings with New Life Mumbai members. God is so good and so faithful.

Visits to the Balwadis, schools in the slums, have brought confirmation once again that Resurrection Life Ministries is fulfilling what God has asked of us in reaching out to Change Lives! To see schools that have been functioning for ten years and the dedication of the leaders, teachers, and helpers in loving and helping theses otherwise lost little ones brings you back to the reality of what life really is all about.

Today some of us will visit schools in Dharavi which is one of the largest slums in Asia. It is 1.3 kilometers by 1.3 kilometers and home to over one million people. Others will be ministering in home churches as well as a youth meeting tonight.

Again I would ask that you pray for the health and  safety of the  team as well as the release of God’s plan and strategies through these willing vessels. Lives are being changed in the team and in Mumbai!

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