I Love My Life

by chuck on October 23, 2010

Saturday morning and I’m at the Women’s Gathering in Victoria – “I Love My Life!” God is so great and and continues to always show up at these events.

As a man, I’m blessed to be a “Roadie” at these women’s events. I can be in the back and partake in the sweetness of Holy Spirit as He pours out to bring healing, refreshing, and total love!

You know there was a day that I used to say “Boy I wish that there were more men that would plug into what God is doing in His church”

I still wish that.

But I have changed my way of thinking. I don’t care if it’s men, women, or children! If their heart is to press into the throne room of God, count me in.

So for this season I will continue to be involved and surrounded by wonderful passionate women of God who are consistently chasing after Him.

Count me in and some day, perhaps I will look to my left and look to my right and see men with the same passion!

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Trish October 28, 2010 at 12:50 am

What an amazing weekend!! The testimonies from people are so awesome. Praise God for His Prescence… ladies were ministered to… affirmed… we all fellowshipped… worshipped our God… we were taught on several subjects from ‘Joy’ …to ‘De-Clawing Stress’ (Shannon)… from ‘Raising Godly Children’ and ‘God of Your Season’ (Tina)…to ‘Pursuing God’s Plan for our Lives’.(Brooke). We took part in FUN workshops… making encouragement cards (Gloria/Brooke) …or…beaded earrings/bracelets. (Kwok-Ying). We ate chocolate… we laughed(HAHAHA!!!)…and we shared a delicious lunch prepared by Patricia.. AND we had the coolest T shirts !!! Worship was led by Shannon and her team… on Saturday morning birthday girl Barb (Schindel) led.
It was an honor to be on this team.. and I thank God for the leadership of our Pastor and gathering host Gloria (Schnick).
Memo to Chuck.. Hope you do get your ‘special’ shirt next year…we thank God and you for being such a cool ‘roadie’ 🙂
See you at the next Gathering…

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