The Day That Never Ends – Begins

by chuck on August 16, 2010

So here we are – preparing for the journey back to Canada. For those on the team who have been here before, we “fondly” refer to this as the day that never ends.

Most are up with things to do and places to go by 7:30 pm Monday, Victoria time. By the time we get back to our own homes in Victoria it will be Wednesday night at about 7:30 pm, the Lord willing and with His grace on all flight, bus, and ferry schedules.

I somehow vaguely remember that sleeping on the plane just isn’t the same as sleeping in bed and definitely not like sleeping in your own bed.

So for many on the team it is a surreal time. Mixed emotions of sadness to leave all the wonderful people that we have built relationship with and the anticipation of getting back home.

Whether it is the first trip or your 11th, being here in India always does something that changes your heart, your character, and your relationship with the Lord.

My prayer is that it all takes root and continues to bring forth fruit on a continual basis after our return home.

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