Blessing Upon Blessing

by chuck on August 15, 2010

Finally a few moments to share some of what has gone on as we minister in Mumbai. I thought on the onset of this trip that I would be able to do DAILY blogs, yeah, as if. I also think that I need to go to blog school.

Days have been long and filled with the Lord using His vessels to pour out onto His kids here in India. The times have been so full and wonderful in watching hearts being knit together.

You see God isn’t just present at the meetings with specific start and end times. No, He is far bigger than that. He shows up in the conversations that are had in travelling from one meeting to the next. Words of encouragement shared on the one to one personal level.

Let me tell you, there is LOTS of time for that. The traffic is beyond anything you could imagine. Journeys of 25 kilometers in some cases taking close to two hours.

I was taken by surprise last night at the end of the leaders meeting that I shared at. As they closed in prayer, a fervency came over the group. Although they were praying in Hindi, I could sense an urgency and intensity in the spirit.

Pastor Rustic came up beside me and said, “They are praying for Canada, your church there, and your team.” The church in India is a praying church. When they say “We will pray for you.”, they mean it.

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