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by chuck on August 9, 2010

The last two days have been stretching and yet profitable for many of the team members here in Mumbai.

Sunday was a full day spent in various churches throughout the city. As always, the team meets at the end of the day to debrief and discuss what happened and what individual members of the team saw and experienced.

It is exciting to see eyes lit up as they how God flowed through them to disperse His grace, mercy, and love to the hungry hearts of the church in India.

Gloria, Chuck, and Shannon have been doing the preaching and teaching. As Patricia, Marilyn, Sharon, Trish, Susan, and Cliff have shared from the heart with words of hope, life, and anticipation; many in the church have been touched.

Spirits uplifted, Souls encouraged, and Bodies healed!

Monday was a day of visiting the Balwadi Schools. What fun!

On the way to meet our ride to the school, I had a 30 second encounter, the time it takes for an elevator ride, with a lady from London. I quickly told her what we do for the kids in the schools. Her response was “If you need some help, I would be available tomorrow” and as the door opened, gave us her room number to contact her.

You never know what God is up to and where networks might develop!

What a privilege to be able to spend time with the little ones who, until the Balwadi opened, had no hope of an education. Once again we were able to bring some laughter to the shacks and shanty schools as all of the team told stories, sang songs, and performed with bubble wands, much to the delight of everyone.

At the end of our time there, we had the joy to fit each child with a pair of Flip Flops and a treat! I believe our visit to the schools was a breath of fresh air for the teachers and the students.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – to all who blessed these children and teachers with gifts, supplies, and hope!

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